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Cuddle (minky) and Embrace (double gauze) FREE Patterns

Cuddle (minky) and Embrace (double gauze) FREE Patterns 0

Here is a basic list of free patterns to use with Cuddle (Minky) and Embrace (double gauze).  This list will be organic in that I will add more pat...
Projects with Cuddle

Projects with Cuddle 0

Now, that you know how to sew with these lovely fabrics, let's talk about the projects!Hopefully, you are like me in that when I come across a new ...
Sewing with Embrace (Double Gauze)

Sewing with Embrace (Double Gauze) 0

Embrace double gauze is a woven, breathable, soft and lightweight fabric.  It is made with 2 layers of a light fabric with an open weave and are ba...
Sewing with Cuddle (Minky) Fabric

Sewing with Cuddle (Minky) Fabric 0

Sewing with Minky is not difficult, but there are a few things to know before sewing with this ultra soft fabric.  In knowing them, maybe you won't...