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Inspiration — Quilt

Quilt Backs - difficult choice?

Quilt Backs - difficult choice? 0

Do you struggle with choosing the right backing?  Or do you just pick something you have extra of or grab a sheet?I am not one to judge, even I hav...
Alison Glass Sew Along!

Alison Glass Sew Along! 0

We are so excited to be a Sponsor of the Alison Glass Trinkets Sew Along!Her and her team asked us to put together bundles, so we did what we love ...
Copy and Paste Quilt

Copy and Paste Quilt 0

When I first saw this quilt, I fell in love with it!!   Although the fabrics are no longer available - they are Keiko Goke's How Do You Do - but th...
T-Shirt Quilts - We make them!

T-Shirt Quilts - We make them! 0

T-shirt Quilts Prices are per SIDE of shirt. Images on front and back count as 2 images. All quilts come complete with a 4" border, batting, cotton...