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Working With Cuddle (minky fabric) - The Fluff

Working With Cuddle (minky fabric) - The Fluff

I fell in love with Minky from the moment I touched it.  Incredibly soft with vibrant colors - I just wanted a cold day to snuggle up with the fabrics and read a book! 

So I bought about 5 colors and my mind was reeling as I drove home.  Would I make a quilt, a stuffie?  Those were the only things I could think of immediately (Remember, I had only been sewing about 2 years at that point).  I would make one for my nephew, one for my daughter, oh, she would love a little bunny...



However, I decided on a patchwork quilt first and started cutting.  My first thought - NEVER AGAIN!!  The fluff was everywhere - all over me, all over my house, in my water glass, in my hair.  This was insane!

However, I stuck with it and I have great tips to help you tame the fluff!

1.  Grab a lint roller - the tear off tape kind.  After you make your cut with a rotary cutter, gently pull the pieces apart.  One side will have very lint and the other a LOT.  Roll the lint roller along the edges to catch most of the fluff.

2. Throw the pieces in the dryer.  Once you have cut, very gently move your pieces to your dryer and toss on air dry for about 10 minutes.  Most of the excess fluff will be caught by your lint catcher screen.

3. Get a dust buster or a vacuum with a tube and vacuum along the edge of the cut before you move the fabric after cutting.  Be sure to hold the fabric so it does not get sucked up!  Ask me how I know this.  LOL


Now, none of these completely eliminate the fluff, but they sure help with about 90-95% of it!

So, I kept sewing with Minky and I have not stopped.  It is luxuriously soft and warm - it makes every single person smile.  Truly.  I had no idea a fabric could invoke such emotion!


                                  Blanket laying over a chair


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