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Sewing with Embrace (Double Gauze)

Sewing with Embrace (Double Gauze)

Embrace double gauze is a woven, breathable, soft and lightweight fabric.  It is made with 2 layers of a light fabric with an open weave and are basted together every inch.  This forms a subtle grid over the entire fabric and allows the two layers to act as one.  Double gauze gets softer and softer with every wash.


  • Machine wash in cold, Hand dry or tunble dry on low.
  • Pre-wash double gauze!
  • Take advantage of the fray with double gauze when working with scarves and hemlines (if fray is what you are after)
  • Yes, you can use steam - Embrace presses well
  • Use the gridline of basting to get a straight cut
  • Use tailor's chalk or water soluble marker rather than slipping notches
  • Sew-in a light interfacing if needed
  • Needle - 70/10 or 80/12 sharp needle to avoid snags
  • Use a french seam, serge your seams or zig zag - double gauze frays easily!
  • Glue basting works well for apparel and quilts
  • Use sharp pins - double gauze snags!
  • Shorten your stitch length to 2.0-2.5 and reduce tension.  You do not want to pull the fabric.
  • You can starch to help with the "growth"

Double gauze is perfect for baby projects - burp cloths, clothing, baby quilt - you name it!  It is the fabric we think of when we think of soft baby clothes and blankies.

However, it is great for adults as well!  We are located close to a Renaissance Festival and last year, a man came in and bought several yards of white double gauze to make his toga!

Double is best when used for loose fitting clothing and has some given to it which makes ideal for cool, summer clothing. 

It's breath-ability makes summer quilts cool and Shannon Fabrics recommend a silk, wool or flannel batting.

Start with a simple whole cloth quilt - wash and revel in the softness!

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  • Jennifer Armentrout
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