Quilt Backs - difficult choice?

Quilt Backs - difficult choice?

Do you struggle with choosing the right backing?  Or do you just pick something you have extra of or grab a sheet?

I am not one to judge, even I have been known to grab a sheet every now and then. But I also know - sheets wear out easily.  The most repairs made to quilts has been from thin fabrics and sheets.  That may not matter to you because it is not going to get washed often or used that much.

However, what I see in the shop and hear on-line is the struggle for a backing that works with their quilt!

Don't limit yourself to wide-backs.  That is what I say most of the time.  I know, wide-backs make your job easier - no piecing together, but you are limited in designs and colors.  It is getting better though - some collections are starting to create 2-3 wide-backs to coordinate with their lines.  Easy does it!

Now, when I choose the backing for someone - I do first go the wide-backs. 

1) It is easier for you (no piecing)

2) More cost effective - althought $20 a yard sounds like a lot - you usually need to more than 3 yard - $60.  For that same amount in a regular fabric - it would take 9 yards (yes, you have extra, but to cover the 108, you need 3 yards x 3) and cost on average $117.

3) It is easier for the long-armer (by opinion)

So, we took the time to choose wide-backs for each of the quilt from our Live Show on Saturday.  One quilt, only a regular width fabric would do!

Tula's Butterfly Quilt Kit looks perfect with HER backings.  Although any would work, we like the Fairy Flake in Cotton Candy the best.


Would Moonbow look any better than this Rainbow Hexy in Peacock?


For the International Women Kit, we simply went with a textured green to truly let the front be the star!  This is Flow in Fern.

For the Triangularity Quilt Kit, we wanted to have fun and bring that floral feeling to the back.  This is one of our newest wide-backs - Meadow Floral in Slate


Sometimes, I feel like when the front of the quilt is so dynamic, I want to calm it down for the backing.  We chose another Flow Backing - Aqua Frost for this Set Sail Quilt Kit.

Oh, black and white - be-still my heart.  There is just about neutral quilts that appeal to me. So for me - carrying that neutral to the back is second nature.  Another Flow - Onyx for this Delight Quilt Kit.


'Tis the Season - Yes, it is already that time, can you believe it?  We just had to go bright red and no wide back gave us quite the feeling this Canvas in Cardinal did for us.


The Virginia Quilt Kit is just fun.  So we put a fun backing with it! Poppy in Pink!


We went a little outside the box for Be as a Feather.  Now, you won't all agree, but I went a Pop-filled Neutral for this one.  Marble Run in Winter White.


Space Glow Quilt Kit goes with a spacy wide back - Universe


And last, but not least and not pictured!  Cowboy Boots must have Brushed in Chocolate - Not a wide back.  Sometimes keeping it simple is best.


Honestly, don't make choosing a backing difficult.  We can help you!  Remember, above all - you chose and made this wonderful quilt top and the backing is just an extension of the front!


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  • Jennifer Armentrout
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