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T-Shirt Quilts - We make them!

T-Shirt Quilts - We make them!
T-shirt Quilts
Prices are per SIDE of shirt. Images on front and back count as 2 images.
All quilts come complete with a 4" border, batting, cotton or flannel backing and bindingchosen from stock in Threaded Lines Shop.
11 to 15 images - $225
16 to 20 images - $275
21 to 30 images - $325
31 to 40 images - $400
$10 per image over 40.
BORDERS (in addition to basic border):
For each additional 2-4" border — add $25
For a Color Block Border:
• 6 to 15 images — add $75
• 16 to 30 images — add $85
• Over 30 images— add $95
If you decide to have your T-Shirt made by us – THANK YOU!
Here are a few things to do before you bring the shirts to us.
  • Make sure your shirts are clean.
  • Please do not cut shirts, we will take care of that.
  • Put a small piece of painter’s tape – Blue or Green – on each image you would like included in the quilt. For example, the front has a pocket image that you want and the back has a large image – that is 2 images and each would get a piece of tape. This is so we know which images you want on the quilt

To order a T-shirt Quilt, please email me at jennifer@threadedlines.com  We can go over all the little details and get that awesome quilt made for you!


Example of Colorblock Border

Colorful Quilt made from Tshirts

Example of a Standard Quilt with included 4" Border


Example of Quilt with 2" border added


















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