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Quilting Tip #7 - Organize Your Work Space

Quilting Tip #7 - Organize Your Work Space

This is probably the most difficult thing for me and I consider myself an organized person.  My space is very small so I MUST have dedicated space for everything, but it is not always convenient.

I have found 5 ways to keep me a little more on top of things...

  1. Use clear or easily marked bins, containers or drawers to keep fabrics, threads and notions.  Categorizing them makes it even easier to find. For example, I keep all cutting tools - from scissors to rotary cutters, replacement blades, snips - all in one place.
  2. Thread Management - Keep threads on a rack or in a drawer - organized by color and/or type.  A rainbow just looks so nice and tidy!
  3. Cutting and Measuring tools - Keep those cutting tools close.  I have found snips by my sewing machine, on my cutting table and the ironing area are paramount.  Yes, I keep 3 sets of snips. 

    As for Rulers and larger templates - those are best hung - if you do not have wall space, hang off the side of a cabinet or back of a door.  I like the rulers best right over my cutting area, but to the side is just as good.
  4. Designated Workspace - I know the dining room is where a lot of you sew - and maybe that is your only option.  But, do you really use that dining room?  Could you take out the table and put in dedicated space?  Arrow cabinets has some great fold away cabinets that lock to keep little fingers out of it. 

    No matter where you sew, really make it a good work space.  You can add more organizational fixture slowly, but having that dedicated space gets you in the right frame of mind.
  5. Tidying up after each Sewing Project.  Are you like me?  Scraps are all over the floor, multiple empty bobbins are lying beside the machine, multiple rulers are lying on top of each other on the cutting table, Rotary cutter open and full of lint...

    Yep, I have been there - now that the project is done, let's clean up!  Replace your needle, do a quick clean of your machine, sweep, organize the scraps (are you keeping them?), EXTRA TIP - take a pink eraser (not on the back of a pencil) and use it to get the extra fabric threads from your cutting mat, brush off your rotary cutter - change the blade if necessary, put your pattern in storage, hang up all the rulers, wipe off if dusty, you will feel more motivated to start that new project!

I know cleaning up and organizing is not the most exciting part, but if you love that fresh and clean feeling (LOL), this is the best way to sew!



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  • Jennifer Armentrout
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