Quilting Tip #6 - Chain Piecing

Quilting Tip #6 - Chain Piecing

When I first started sewing, a few of the You Tube videos I watched explained chain piecing.  Because my first quilts were mostly patchwork, this really worked well and I was hooked!

I chain piece anything that makes sense to be chain pieced - even binding!  I chain piece basic blocks, in the middle with larger blocks and at the end when sewing those large blocks or rows together.

If you are not familiar with the term, Chain Piecing is a time-saving piecing technique that involving sewing fabric pieces in a continuous chain without cutting the thread in between them.

In order to chain-piece successfully:

  • Prepare your pieces - Ensure you have all your pieces cut and organized before you start sewing.  This will streamline the process and prevent interruptions.
  • Sew with a leaded and ender - begin sewing with a scrap piece of "leader" fabric to avoid thread tangles and ensure a smooth start.  Use the "ender" scrap piece to prevent the last piece from getting sucked into the machine.
  • Maintain a consistent seam allowance - as we discussed a couple of weeks ago - this will give you accurate and neat blocks.
  • Press Efficiently - when the piecing are still connected, press either open or closed while still connected to save time!  If you press individually, you will have to readjust your iron frequently.
  • Cut and Separate blocks - Once you have sewn and pressed, cut the threads in between each piece - being sure to keep them in order.  Many times, it is now, that I will continue to piece them together for the row or column.

Chain piecing is an excellent way to speed up your quilting process, but it is important to stay organized and focused to make the most of time savings!


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  • Jennifer Armentrout
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