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Quilting Tip #8 - Test Quilt Blocks

Quilting Tip #8 - Test Quilt Blocks

Testing Quilt Blocks is not really needed for every quilt you make, but if you are starting a new project that is new to you, you might want to consider it.

4 reasons to Make a Test Block

1. Check fabric and color choices - A test block allows you to see how your chosen fabric and colors work together.  It's like a Preview to see how you will like the colors combinations.

2. Verify the accuracy of Cutting and Piecing - Now, this is where it would come in handy if your quilt relies on very accurate piecing.  You can make adjustments and fine-tune measurements before beginning your project.

3. Test Quilting Designs - If you are new to quilting - this is a great way knock out both - testing the piecing and the quilting!  A small block will provide the perfect canvas for experimenting with different quilting designs.

4. Evaluate Block Construction - Testing a block gives you a change to identify any challenges - like tricky angles or seams.  It gives you a change to overcome those before the frustration starts after 10 blocks in.

I have not tested blocks much, but I do know - there are a few quilts I abandoned and probably would have finished if I had done the testing before I started!

How about you - do you make test blocks?


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  • Jennifer Armentrout
Comments 1
  • Lori

    I ALWAYS make a test block for all the exact reasons you stated!

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