Quilting Tip #5 - Pinning for Accuracy

Quilting Tip #5 - Pinning for Accuracy

I know, I know - pinning takes time.  It does not always ensure a perfect seam.

BUT, and yes, there is but - it helps tremendously!  If you are working for those perfect seam matching, you need pins. 

I am a HUGE proponent of pinning - I pin all my pieces - well, not all, but 98%!  

Here are 5 reasons pinning is a good idea.

  1. Accurate Seam Matching - this goes without saying - pinning helps with those alignments. 
  2. Preventing fabric shifting.  Anyone who has sewn with a few layers knows how fabrics can shift. 
  3. Maintain Block Shape - pinning the block not just along the seam, but in the middle can help maintain the Blocks shape.
  4. Safety and Control - Pins offer you more control with those smaller pieces and helps keep your fingers out of harm's way.  Also, grab that stiletto - it's your best friend (a seam ripper works well too)
  5. Quilting Long Strips - oh my!  Those long strips - every sewn a border on without pinning and then your long armer told you that your quilt was wonky?  That is why - the bottom feeds slightly more than the top.  Pinning help this tremendously.  Take the time and pin those borders!

Make pinning more fun by turning up the tunes, grab a cute set of pins and go for it!

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  • Jennifer Armentrout
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