Quilting Tip #4 - To Open or Not to Open

Quilting Tip #4 - To Open or Not to Open

In a dream world, there would be one way to iron a seam and it would look perfect every time and be just as easy as well.

However, that does not always work for me and I am betting it does not for you either! 

From the powers that be, they say pick how you iron your seam per project and that works - for the most part.  I have found though that a mixture of open and closed is just fine.  Now, I am not sewing for competitions and that would make a difference ( you have to chose what is best for you!)

How I blend open and closed. 

If I am sewing blocks that have lots of seams and just in general blocks, I iron open.  If I put borders on, I will iron away from center to create a graduated look.  This is not the mainstream thought process though.

When I am sewing together blocks that go into rows, I sew opposite sides so those seams just match up perfectly, while the rest of the block may have seam ironed open.

What about you - do you iron open or closed or a mixture?

To break it down..

Open Seams:

1. Reduces Bulk and lays flatter

2. Easier Quilting - it is much easier for your long-armer to quilt over.

3. Greater Accuracy - Open seams make it easier to match points (in certain cases)

Side Seams

1. Sturdier seams - these seam are stronger and can be advantageous for heavy use and washing.

2. Quicker Assembly - they iron faster!

3. Traditional Look - It may be more in line with a traditional feel of a quilt.

Bottom Line - it is up to you and how you want your quilt to look and what makes it easier for you! 

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  • Jennifer Armentrout
Comments 4
  • Cindy

    Really enjoying reading the quilting tips. Great for beginners and up. Simple, helpful ideas.

  • Clata McCarver
    Clata McCarver

    I absolutely use both, whichever makes my quilt lay as flat as possible at that point. I guess I adopted this because all of my quilts have been hand quilted.

  • Threaded Lines
    Threaded Lines

    Debby, I am glad I am not the only one! I find most quilts need a combination to look the best!

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