Quilting Tip #2 Why Accurate Cutting is Critical for Quilters

Quilting Tip #2 Why Accurate Cutting is Critical for Quilters

Like most other quilters, I started off not knowing anything about sewing, quilting, or crafting - I just knew I wanted a creative outlet.

I You Tubed how to sew and cut, daily, hourly, over and over again - and invested a cheap rotary cutter and mat.  It did the job, but I was frequently frustrated and perplexed on why I could not match seams - really, a 1/4" seam and my block was too small.  So many issues.  However, I still made quilts and still crafted - I loved it.

As I invested more in it and my tools of the trade were upgraded, so did my precision.  Now, I am seriously a work in progress - aren't we all?

But if you are wondering whether to invest a good cutting, here are 5 reasons why!

1.Precision - Accurate cutting ensures all your shapes and cuts are the correct size and shape to achieve the precise seam allowance.  If your squares are even 1/8" off, it can affect the final block size.

2. Seam Alignment - When fabric pieces are cut accurately, it is easier to match seams and points.  Which, you know, on a good day that is challenging - making sure your cuts are accurate make getting those points so much easier.

3. Easier Assembly - You and I both know that squares the same size sew up beautifully.  If all the fabrics line up straight - sewing is a breeze!

4. Cut Down on Fabric Waste - This is the whole Measure Twice and Cut Once saying.  Miscuts can be tamed by not cutting in a rush and taking your time.  Ask me how I know!

5. A More Professional Appearance.  When fabrics are cut with precision and the seam allowances are accurate, the whole quilt lays smoother with less wonkiness - making your quilt look a lot more professional!

 While there is nothing wrong with your rotary cutter or mat - there is something to accurate rulers.

Here at Threaded Lines, we love Creative Grids Rulers and Templates and Jaybird Rulers!

Our Top 3 Rulers

1) Stripology Rulers - any size

2) Hex n' More Ruler by Jaybird

3) Wonky Log Cabin Ruler - very popular for a log cabin quilt!

Cutting Mats we love

1) Any of the Creative Grid Mats

2) The new Sew-Tite Magnetic Cutting System - the use of magnets to hold templates and rulers in place easier!

Rotary Cutters we adore

1) Creative Grid Rotary Cutter - seriously, I am a snob about rotary cutters and this is my go-to.  Even if others are closer - I always use this one.  I love that is it good for lefties and righties!

2) Olfa Splash Cutters - just a good basic cutter that does the job and does it well!

So, as you invest more and more in the world of quilting - cutting tools - mats, rulers, and cutters can truly make a difference in your sewing.  So find one that works for you and makes your project easier and more precise!

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  • Jennifer Armentrout
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