Quilting Tip #1 Invest in Quality Fabrics

Quilting Tip #1 Invest in Quality Fabrics

Many times, customers come into our shop and say they purchased fabric from a big box store and then the fabrics tore during washing or faded badly or just were not soft.  They feel disappointed and wonder if all fabrics are the same.

They are not.  Quilt Shop fabrics are made differently than the bulk fabrics made for the big box stores.  The process is similar, but the the lower production of quilt shop fabrics gives way to more quality products that would be cost prohibitive for larger productions.

So, when you are struggling to decide whether or not it is worth it to buy quality over quantity, here are 5 reasons for investing in those Quilt Shop Quality Fabrics.

  1. Durability:  High-quality fabrics are made to withstand wear and tear.  Quilts made with quality materials will last longer and hold up well over time, even with regular use and washing.
  2. Ease of Sewing: Quality fabrics are often smoother, less prone to fraying, and have consistent thread counts.  This makes them easier to cut, piece and sew accurately resulting in a neater and more professional looking quilt.
  3. Better Color Retention: High-quality fabrics tend to have better colorfastness.  This means the colors are less likely to fade or bleed when washed, helping your quilt maintain its vibrant appearance.
  4. Enhanced Comfort: Quilts made with soft, high-quality fabrics are more comfortable to use.  Whether you're snuggling under it or using it as a decorative piece, the feel of the fabric against you still matters.
  5. Aesthetic Appeal: Quality fabrics often feature more intricate designs, richer colors, and finer details.  These attributes can elevate the overall look of your quilt, making it a stunning work of art.

Plus, the most amazing designs from your favorite designers only come in the higher quality fabrics. 

However, I would not let this stop me from sewing.  Whether you only shop at the Big Box stores, do a blend for both, or just your favorite Quilt Shop - Keep sewing!  It is the salve for the soul!


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  • Jennifer Armentrout
Comments 3
  • Denise

    My grandmother used the best fabric she could afford for her handwork. I am able to still enjoy her work because the better fabric has lasted.

  • Brenda Davis
    Brenda Davis

    Enjoyed first quilting tip and look forward to more! Thanks so much!

  • Keeley Vanek
    Keeley Vanek

    I couldn’t agree more with this advice. If I’m going to spend my time and my talent to make a beautiful piece, I definitely want to use top quality fabric. I don’t want some thing that I share with someone I love to fall apart.

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