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Thread Month - what weight to use when?

Thread Month - what weight to use when?

When to use what Thread

I don't about you, but I always get a little confused about what weight to use with what project.

The standard default always goes to 50wt for piecing and 40 weight for quilting, but what about the 28 wt, 12 wt, 80 wt?  When do you use those?

Really, it is simple, a simple guide to broaden your understanding of Thread Weights.

This guide is specifically for Aurifil Threads:

Cotton 12 Weight

Hand Applique
Hand Embroidery
Cross Stitch (not 6 strand)
Embellishment and Lace
Machine Applique
Blanket Stitch
Buttonhole Stitch
Machine Embroidery
Machine Art Quilting
Lower Looper Serging
Longarm Quilting

Cotton 28 weight

 Double Strand Cross Stitch
Blanket Stitch
Hand Applique
Hand Piecing
Hand Quilting
Bobbin and Machine Lace
Machine Quilting
Machine Embroidery
Lower Looper Serging
Textured Longarm Quilting


Cotton 40 weight

    Singe, Double or Triple Strand Cross Stitch
    Hand Piecing
    Bobbin and Machine Lace
    Machine Applique
    Edge to Edge
    Custom Longarm Quilting


    Cotton 50 weight

      Needle Turn Applique
      English Paper Piecing
      Hand Piecing
      Bobbin and Machine Lace
      Machine Applique (Straight Stitch, Zig Zag, Blind Hem, Blanket Stitch)
      Machine Embroidery
      Dense Machine Quilting
      Subtle Machine and Longarm Quilting
      Whole Cloth and Micro Quilting
      Dense Background Designs


      Cotton 80 weight

        English Paper Piecing (or other hand piecing)
        Hand Applique
        Machine Embroidery
        Machine Applique
        Free Motion Quilting
        Free Motion Couching

        Cotton Floss

          Cross Stitch
          Huck Embroidery
          Miniature Punch Needle Embroidery
          Needle Point


          This blew me away too!  So many more uses than just piecing and quilting!  I have used the 40 and 50 wt in my embroidery machine and loved the matte look as opposed to the shimmer embroidery threads. 

          We are celebrating thread this month!  Just second in line to fabric as much needed - reach out and explorer the flexibility of these cotton threads in lots of beautiful colors.

          All our Aurifil Threads are 10% off this month to celebrate a Love for Sewing, Love for Threads, Love for the Creativity in all of us! 

          Use Code: Loveofthreads  for the discount!

          Happy Sewing! 

          Jennifer Armentrout







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