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The Uniqueness and Quality at your Local Quilt Shop

The Uniqueness and Quality at your Local Quilt Shop

Everyone wants something a little different, a little unique, but not so out there it is strange.

That what a local quilt shop does - the big box stores won't even touch the quality and beautiful fabrics at a local shop.  We already discussed why quilt shop fabric is better, but the true DESIGNERS only sell to small shops - we, as small shops, have access to fabrics that are only designed for us.  Big Stores do not have that opportunity.

One thing I absolutely love to hear is that we have fabrics that have never been seen by them.  It is amazing!  The creativity feeding into creativity.

And that is wonderful fact of local quilt shops - each are so different, unlike the box stores - who carry the same things.

Stop by a local quilt shop this week and really look around - find something you have never seen before - you don't have to buy it, just revel in being able to find something unique so close to you.

Come by and see us today - we are celebrating Local Quilt Shop Day - come here Patty, our long armer, talk about her long-arming, Get your scissors cut, and receive $10 off your machine service!  Get that machine cleaned.

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  • Jennifer Armentrout
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  • Carol Paschal
    Carol Paschal

    I would love to visit your store in person but I live in Georgia. I have purchased online but it’s not the same.

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