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Halloween Bucket with Cork

Halloween Bucket with Cork

It occurred to me a couple of years, that I am not a staunch rule follower.

I often say to customers that come in the shop, "I have never met a pattern I did not change."

This is about 98% true.  There are a couple of patterns that are just too complex to veer off completely, but when it comes to cork, I am always looking for ways to use it and balk at convention when it says, "You can't use it that way!"

My child response is, "YES I CAN!"

So, cork on the bottom of a round bucket? Absolutely! It is a little fussy (as all curved sewing is).  Just clip like there is no tomorrow and go for it! 

I sewed a few inches, adjusted, sew a few inches, adjusted.  The first one is pretty wavy, the second one was better.

Not a single person has complained, but just loved them! 

The pattern is just for fabric, but you can use cork on the bottom like I did. 

The very bottom is a circle - just cut the cork in that circle.  Then decide how much you want the cork to come up the sides - I think I did 2" on the smaller one and 3" on the larger one.

The blogger Heidi and Fin has this as a free pattern - have fun!  This makes cute buckets good for any holiday!

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  • Jennifer Armentrout
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