Get Started with Scrappy Quilting

Get Started with Scrappy Quilting

I think there are 2 types of people - those who scrappy quilt and those who don't.

When you are in Facebook groups, you see a post about scrappy quilting and the comments are numerous and split straight down the middle - To trash or not trash - that is the question.

Don't get me wrong, even though I lean to the scrap person, I understand that other people don't like it.

Too numerous, too small, too complicated, takes too long - too on and on and on.

I will say, they first thing you need to do with scrappy quilting is GET ORGANIZED.

This can mean many different things:

  • Everything in one bin
  • Sorted by color
  • Sorted by color and size
  • Cut into usable sizes like mini charms, charms, strips

So, whatever organization style you like - clean your sewing first!  Clean off the cutting board, clean around your machine (might be a good cleaning inside time too), clean off your ironing board, take out the trash.  With a clean table, working with scraps can bring out the creative juices. 

For this first quilt I am going to show you, I used strips.  Both 2.5" strips and 4.5" strips - you can also use whole inches - those are just sizes that were in my stash.

It is a tumbler quilt.  No pattern is needed, just a template ruler (and you probably already have one!)  The Template I am using the Sew Emma Double Tumbler Template Ruler  (this template is good with mini charms, charms, and scraps!)


I used 2 right sides facing fabrics.  These are 4.5" wide

Red and Blue Fabric with a Tumbler Ruler on top.
Line up the bottom line of the fabrics up with the bottom edge of the ruler - we started with the chunky side.

Cut on each side of the template.


Turn the template around and line up the bottom of the template with the top of the fabric.  Cut down the side.

Keep flipping the template and cut down the strip.  Easy to cut many pieces quickly!  We love this template!

Here is them all in a row!


We did the same thing with our Thin end.

Here are couple of quilt we made with the tumbler!



Basically, what I am saying this week - no pattern, grab one of those templates sitting around unused and cut out several.

Make a

  • Mug rug
  • a pouch
  • a simple tote
  • a lap quilt
  • A table runner
  • A table runner and set of placemats

That is the wonderful thing about scraps - you loved these fabrics, try a new ruler or template.  You are not committing to anything with a mug rug!

My 2 rules of thumb with scrappy quilting

  1. Keep it simple.  Squares, half squares - same cuts whole quilt
  2. Get experimental.  Try a new template, try a new piecing style (paper piecing maybe?), crumb, applique    If you were going to get rid of the fabric, this is a great time to try something new.  If the first time does not work out - no harm done.

So, let's get scrappy!

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  • Jennifer Armentrout
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