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Giving Back

Giving Back

This month is about giving back for us and I am not just talking about with sewing projects, but truly giving back to your community with time, donations, uplifting moments, etc. Sewing can be included and I know many quilt guilds give to various charities.

Many times when we think of giving, we automatically think of giving to a charity, a needy family, church, or other organization that is benevolent. We love doing this too and we are with the Food Drive - especially during an "off" month. 

Sometimes that giving is hard to see, and maybe even a little hard to take.  Maybe even those that have - need.

Here is a list of 8 ways you can give without it is actually being a charity:

1. Volunteering - Offer your time and skills to local organizations or causes that align with your values - this can be local events, art galleries, the library, many places love volunteers.

2. Mentorship - Share your knowledge and experience with others by mentoring someone in your life.

3. Random Acts of Kindness - by far my favorite!  Practice kindness in your daily life by helping strangers, paying for someone's coffee, or offering a helping hand.

4. Support Local Business - yes, I am a local business for many of you - even you are not here, but supporting local, supports your community.

5. Donations - Consider donating goods or services directly to individuals or organizations in need, rather than through traditional charities.  For example, during Hurricane Harvey, the flooding is what made everything worse here.  There is a dam that supports a local lake for boats and fun.  During this storm, the dam HAD to be released and purposely flooded hundreds of homes.  We gave $500 Home Depot gift cards (5) to the family in our Homeschool Group who were part of this flood. 

I know that is a lot of money, but we were not affected by the flood and we had the means.  It truly moved the needle for them to get back into their homes.  Your donation would not have to be much - a grocery gift to a single mother or an elderly person who lives alone.  This is all around you.

6. Environmental Stewardship - Take actions to reduce your environmental impact, such as recycling, conserving energy (and water - water your lawn at 2:00 am), participate in a clean up effort - or conversely planting trees, even in your own yard!

7. Skill Sharing - Teach or offer workshops in your area of expertise.  Private schools and even some public schools, day cares, senior homes - they all love this!

8. Advocacy and activism - Speak out for causes you believe in - even if that cause is fabric collecting - ;)  Just kidding.

I am not trying to preach - I just think it is important to us to have some aspect of giving back and giving selflessly.  It grounds us and gets us a better mood and outside of ourselves which is always a good thing.

Thank you for being on this journey with me - I would love to know how you give - no judgement - no outdoing anyone.   How do you give back?

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