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Sew Right - Side Threading Needles - 9 pc

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Sew Right side threading needles are a simplified version of the Spiral Eye Needle. Manufactured in China, they are less expensive to manufacture. Sew Right side threading needles are the perfect option if you just want to put on a button, mend a hem or embroider a towel and you no longer can or want to thread a regular needle’s eye.

Sew Right needles are nickel plated iron (like all traditional sewing needles), with a gold eye, and made in China. The gold eye was added to tell the difference between which end had the eye and which had the point.

The set of 9 needles includes:

(3) Diameter .03 inch; length 2.0 inch
(3) Diameter .035 inch; length 2.3 inch
(3) Diameter .04 inch; length 2.6 inch

  • Made of: Nickel plated Iron
  • Use: Hand Needle
  • Included: 9 Needles
  • SKU:  TNL-SR9

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