Noodlehead – 16″ Leather Handles


Love leather? These durable 1″-wide leather handles are perfect for using with the Pepin Tote, Caravan Tote, and Wool + Wax Tote pattern as well as any other sewing project where you need handles!

  • For the 16″ length, you will receive TWO (2) 1″-wide handles of the length chosen.
  • Included is a small scrap of leather for test sewing.

Medium Brown, Black, and Copper colors are a 4-5 oz. weight leather (1.6-2mm thick) (this is slightly thicker than the leather sold prior to mid February 2019), most* home sewing machines should be able to sew through the leather.

Rustic color is a 5-6 oz. weight leather (2-2.4mm thick), a majority of home sewing machines* should be able to sew through the leather. Rustic has lots of character, so expect color variation and markings. It’s slightly lighter in color than medium brown and almost equivalent to Copper in tone, each hide has color variation within the hide. The back side of this color is a clean finish, but not gum pasted like the other colors.


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