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My first exposure to patchwork was a cushion I saw in a book of interior decoration.  The cushion cover was made of simple 4” squares. I imagined how it would be if the cushion cover was made of just one piece of cloth, someone else could make the same cushion. However, with patchwork someone can create her very own unique cushion even by making one as simple as one connecting small squares, but using their own colors. How fascinating! 40 years have passed since then. I taught myself how to quilt and I have made many. When I was a student, I had a sewing class that I did not like at all. However, even a person like me has enjoyed my relationship with patchwork and quilting for several decades and I think the reason why I enjoy is because fabrics are like paints to me and designing patchwork makes me feel like I am painting my own picture. Such fun!

I used to participate in many patchwork and quilt related competitions both domestic and overseas and even received many awards. I no longer enter competitions but I teach and also give workshops. My work can be also found on display at various exhibitions.