Pile On the Fall Fun! Facebook Live Sale

Settle in with us on Saturday, October 17th at 10:30 am CST for all the Autumn, Halloween fun in fabrics, bundles, panels and more!
Spooky projects and soft Autumn colors to cozy up with.

Our Facebook Page

Fat Quarter Bundles, Yard Cuts, Free Projects, Spooky panels from J. Wecker Frisch, Libs Elliott, Grunge, and Threaded Lines Curated.

This is a Live Facebook event and registration with CommentSold is required for purchasing. This is a very safe, shopping cart ran through Messenger. You pay via paypal or credit card – just like on our website – in fact, it is the same processing as on our website!

To register:

Please go to https://threadedlines.commentsold.com
It is a one-time registration process but needs to be done to shop with us through CommentSold.

1. Click the link above & login with Facebook

2. Check the box to connect messenger

3. Click “Get Started” in blue

4. Add your Address, Phone number & best E-mail (if it differs from your Facebook e-mail)

Once that’s completed you are all set to shop by just commenting – Sold then the item #. The item will be added to your cart via messenger and you can checkout within 6 hours.

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