Giftable – a Facebook Live Event

Guild Exchanges and Sewing Friends – Find Out our Holiday Best Sellers and Share what ideas you have for Gift-Giving this Holiday Season.

Join us (drink in Hand) on November 11 at 7 p.m (CST) on our Facebook Page.

This is a Live Facebook event and registration with CommentSold is required for purchasing. This is a very safe, shopping cart ran through Messenger. You pay via paypal or credit card – just like on our website – in fact, it is the same processing as on our website!

To register:

Please go to
It is a one-time registration process but needs to be done to shop with us through CommentSold.

1. Click the link above & login with Facebook

2. Check the box to connect messenger

3. Click “Get Started” in blue

4. Add your Address, Phone number & best E-mail (if it differs from your Facebook e-mail)

Once that’s completed you are all set to shop by just commenting – Sold then the item #. The item will be added to your cart via messenger and you can checkout within 6 hours.

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