Fabric Face Masks

When the Fabric Face Masks were being asked for on Friday/Saturday – at least that is when I first heard it way down here in Houston – I was flabbergasted! The general consensus was that these fabric face masks could stop the Covid-19 virus! No, No, No!

I could not talk about particulates fast enough. It scared me to death that someone that did not understand viruses could get very ill due to a lack of knowledge.

Most of the day on Saturday was spent on social media – outside of me stressing about the leak in my shop, and it wasn’t until Sunday that things started calming down. More people were putting disclaimers on their posts and I really appreciated that.

It takes me a while, usually, to jump into something, so I know I am late to the game. I have to get my head wrapped around it – what fabrics, alternative to elastic, what patterns, what is the need, who needs them, etc. etc.

I found 2 patterns, that I have made and think are the best out there.

Mask 1 – the Basic Mask
  1. One is simple – a basic knowledge of sewing will be fine. It is good for a general face mask to protect from sputum. Most people use this pattern. It is based on the Deaconess Pattern, but with added Binding instead of elastic.

    Gotham Quilts in New York City put together this pattern and I added my edits in red. You can download the pattern below.
Mask 2 – Can cover N95 Respirator

2. The second can be used to cover a variety of N95 models in the hopes of elongating the lifetime of the respirator. This pattern requires more work and more knowledge of sewing since there is quite a bit of binding involved. But it finishes nicely and looks very professional.

Thank you to a sewing nurse who came up with this pattern!

Here is a link to her directions. The template does not download correctly, so I am working on a .pdf and all the edits I made to the pattern. My edits are mainly in the binding and I will need to take pictures as I am going through it.

Please do not sell the mask you make with these patterns, these were developed to be used personally or to be given to healthcare workers during this crisis time.

Also, these fabric mask DO NOT prevent airborne viruses!! In some cases, with improper handling and washing, it can be the cause of infection. These masks should be used in conjunction with a filter and compliant hand washing. Change masks frequently and wash thoroughly after each use.

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