Aurifil Thread Builder Subscription

Here are Threaded Lines, we’re keenly aware of the importance of color in this creative world of ours. Color can change the tone of an entire project. It can represent time, convey emotion, evoke a feeling… Color is powerful and exciting, and is at the center of everything that we do.

Finding the right color can sometimes be a challenge. The selection can be the difference between a project that sings and a project that’s just ho hum. We strive to offer shades for that winning combination and don’t want you to get frustrated if you don’t have the perfect match. It’s a process, part of the fun of it all, but it could always be easier. 

What if we could offer the perfect solution… a monthly thread club. A no-fuss subscription service hosted right here at Threaded Lines. Each month, we’ll present you with a thread set introducing a new hue, a new chance at your next best project.

Introducing Aurifil Color Builders, a capsule of twelve curated mini-collections inspired by (and named after) Italy’s most vibrant and colorful destinations. Each collection contains three large spools of 50wt thread — a warm, a medium, and a dark — within the location’s primary color palette. 

From the lemon groves of Sicily to the pink sand beaches of Sardinia to the clear teal waters of Capri to the stark city grey of Milan… each collection is crafted to evoke images of Aurifil’s beloved Italian landscape. The colors were selected not only for their aesthetic appeal, but for their practicality in every day use. We think you’ll appreciate the Color Builder collections both for their beauty and for their utility. 

Read the stories, absorb the hues, pick your favorites, and sign up for our 2020 Thread Builder Subscription today!

Subscription Details

  • Monthly Cost – $38.99
  • Sign Up Fee – $10.00
  • Shipping – Flat Rate of $6, with free local pick up option
  • 12 month commitment – Sign-Up Fee and 1st Month Due at Registration

What you get monthly – A Box of 3 50 wt Large Spools of Aurifil Thread. Each spool has 1,422 yards on it. You will also receive a Block of the Month Pattern from Aurifil and a Surprise from Threaded Lines! The First Shipment in January will include all that, PLUS a free Thread Case that holds 12 spools.

Everyone builds their Fabric Stash, why not build a Thread Stash and have thread available any time!

Also, if you are looking for a easy gift for that sewing/quilting friend, Threaded Lines now offers E-Gift Cards that allows your to choose your image, date to send and your own amount! It is the perfect gift and does not expire!

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