Stitchmas in July by Aurifil

I am always curious as to when someone started sewing. The stories vary from sitting with grandma or mom, maybe even older sister or friend. Some are just getting start having been curious their whole lives.

For me, cross-stitch came at a very early age – maybe around 6 or so. It was my mother. She patiently taught me to count, keep the stitches event and not too tight. It became our thing in an otherwise tumultuous relationship.

I carried that love for cross stitch into my adulthood, but it fell out of fashion and I picked up crochet, then sewing.

However, I am thrilled to see it coming back into style! Even more than I can incorporate it into quilting as handwork to further enhance projects. Aurifil had a Stitchmas in July through Instagram and Facebook with all these cute little cross stitch patterns for beginners and on up!

Threaded Lines has Aurifloss

I tried to keep up with the posts, but life got the best of me – Quilt Show season started and within 2 months, I had 7 shows. Plus, with the diagnosis of early-stage cancer, we have been going, going, going.

These patterns are adorable though, and I wanted to make sure you had access to them!

It all started July 1 and went on for 25 days – so here they all are! If you make any, be sure to send me a picture or tag me on Instagram @threadedlines.

Aurifil also has a handy DMC conversion chart with their Floss.

Happy Sewing! – Jennifer at Threaded Lines

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