Travel Neck Pillow

My family and I are embarking on a vacation to England! YEAH!! However, I can never sleep on a plane. The plane trip is overnight, so I have a little bit of anxiety about it. Knowing that, I looked into neck pillows to try to make me more comfortable and also my family more comfortable.

I never knew how very easy these were to make!

The free pattern in available from Crafty Gemini Creates – Make Your Own Travel Neck Pillow. Seriously, this pattern takes 30 minutes tops.

You can use 2 fat quarters or about a 1/2 yard. For the four I made, I used flannel for my boys, but our favorite prints for us girls paired with Cuddle Fabric (minky) on the bottom for the softness.

I will let her walk you through the pattern, but here are my tips – 1) Use pinking shears if you have them, so you do not have to clip the rounded edges – saves a step if you have them! 2) DEFINITELY watch her video, she cuts one piece of fabric out, then sews to a large piece and trim the fabric away. This is a HUGE time saver.

You can see – I sewed the top piece to a larger bottom piece, then used the top as a template to cut around.

Please show off your neck pillows to us! Either tag us on Instagram @threadedlines or on Facebook. I love to see your projects!

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