Let’s Talk Fat Quarters

Fat Quarters have been around for a long time now. We all have them in the nether reaches of our shelves, drawers and cabinets. Some are folded, others are rolled, and if you are like me – a few are even squished behind stacks of fleece and vinyl that are temporarily forgotten.

For me, it is not from a lack of knowing how to use them in sewing or quilting, but rather the number of them gets overwhelming and it just seems easier to purchase a new set of fat quarters (Get yours here). (Nothing wrong with that!) But, I am a big believer in using what you’ve got!

On our Facebook page each Friday, we post a free pattern to use up some of your fabric stash – many are Fat Quarter Friendly and range from pot holders, to quilts, to bows, to animal toys to well, anything that uses fabric. Fabric Bustin’ Friday.

However, if you are new to sewing or quilting, you may not have heard of a fat quarter. What is it? We need to start with a yard of fabric. Typical quilting cotton fabrics are 44″ wide, one yard is 36″ x 44″. A quarter of a yard is 9″ x 44″. There is not a whole lot you can do with that size of fabric. However, if you quarter the yard – ie. cut in half, then cut in half again – you will end up with a piece of fabric that is approx. 18″ x 22″.

You can do MANY things with that size.

What you can cut from a Fat Quarter:

  • 99 – 2″ Squares
  • 56 – 2.5″ Squares
  • 42 – 3″ Squares
  • 30 – 3.5″ Squares
  • 20 – 4″ Squares
  • 16 – 4.5″ Squares
  • 12 – 5″ Squares
  • 9 – 6″ Squares
  • 6 – 6.5″ Squares

Also, any denominations of these squares. For example, from 1 fat quarter, you can get 2 – 10″ Squares, 4 – 5″ Squares and a 2.5″ x 22″ Strip.

From Squares, you can make LOTS of triangles, smaller strips, it is almost limitless!

Projects made from Fat Quarters

My first quilt made from Fat Quarters
A non-cut Fat Quarter made into a Ribbon Blanket
A Small Drawstring Bag made from Fat Quarters

Fat Quarters are so versatile, that we are beginning to offer EVERY cotton fabric we carry in single fat quarters. We are working feverishly to get the website updated (ask us if you want one, we will update that one immediately!). Tula Pink’s Pinkerville line is available for individual Fat Quarters right now, as is the Rainbow Dog and Cat fabrics.

Do you love Fat Quarters? What have you made with them? Show us pictures (in the form of a link) or tag us on Facebook or Instagram – @threadedlines. We adore seeing your projects!

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