Penny Rugs

Penny Rug from the late 1800’s

If you have not heard of Penny Rugs (like me!) they are are not actually rugs at all!

Penny Rugs were at their height of popularity in the mid to late 1800’s. They were used to adorn tables, hearths, and often times as extra warmth for a bed. More for decoration than practical uses, these rugs portray a story through the fabric.

They were made from woolen scraps, felt, and other fabrics, likes old hats and clothing made from materials that did not fray easily.

Most penny rugs consist of cutting fabrics into circles and sewing them onto a base fabric. In the mid 1800s, a burlap base was often used. However, burlap does not store well, so those penny rugs are no longer around or are in very bad condition. The Penny Rugs you see from the 1800’s were sewn onto wool, linen or a broadcloth.

Not all penny rugs were circles however. These were a creative outlet for women. Although the designs could get intricate, they main stitch used was a blanket stitch!

With the resurgence of wool applique, penny rugs are making a come back!

Have you made a penny rug? If so, do you stick with the traditional circles or do you use a pattern for a more modern look?

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