Moving into the New Year

I know this Inspiration Page leaves a little to be desired so am making plans for next year!  I had big aspirations, but due to the closing down of the maker side of the business, it tied me up more than I had anticipated for the second half of 2018.  As a result, I made over 20 T-shirts just between September and November!  And although I love to make them, my real passion is experimenting with different patterns, making some of my own and collaborating with other sewers.

Moving into the New Year, I would like this page to have more active with engaging and compelling content with interaction between both you and I.  I need your help though.  What would you like see here on the Inspiration Page?  What types of projects are you interested in?

  • Picture Tutorials
  • Video Tutorials
  • Reviews
  • Sew Alongs

Do you mind link to other internet sites – like blogs that offer Free or Low-Cost patterns?  These would be all over the board – from quilts to handbags, to coasters and mugrugs to anything cool and fun I can find!

A few Projects I had in mind (and I am literally thinking off the top of my head)


  1. Several week tutorial of how to make a T-Shirt Quilt
  2. Working with Cork Fabric
    1. Cork Men’s Wallet
    2. Women’s Wallets with cotton and cork
    3. Cork in Quilts
    4. Cork not just for handbags
  3. Wool
    1. Hand appliqueing with wook for beginners (like me)
    2. Pattern and Tutorial with wool
  4. Quick Gifts – like tea pouches, key fobs, business card wallet, wine bag, etc
  5. Canvas
    1. Outdoor Quilt
    2. Tote Bags
  6. Machine Embroidery
    1. Tips while making Dolls and Daydreams Patterns

This is just to start, but I would love to get your opinion and understand what type of things you would like to see here.  Above all, Your opinion is VERY important to me which is exactly the reason why I am here!

As always, Happy Sewing and be sure to post a picture of your projects because they always bring a smile to my face!

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