Which Thread to Use?

Download This Aurifil Thread Guide

Although weight is important when deciding on threads for your projects, it is ok to take a laid-back approach.  I tend to choose color before weight while still keeping weight in mind.

For example, I am free motion quilting and I know 50wt or 40wt is best, but the 12wt color is the best!  I will go ahead and use the 12wt even though it is not the most suited for that project, it works fine.  So, don’t be afraid to experiment with different weights and colors – branch out from the neutrals and try a brilliant purple!

We are NOW beginning to go through the collections and match Aurifil Cotton colors with them.  At this point, the Fa-La-La Collection and Polar Hugs collection are matched.  We will be working through the How do you Do collection next.

If you need a fabric (that we carry) matched, just send me an email and I will be more than happy to provide the matching thread to you.

I hope this Guide helps make it clear (often confusing subject) and makes your projects go more smoothly!  Happy Sewing!


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