T-Shirt Quilts for Memories

I could not have an inspiration page without mentioning T-shirt Quilts.  I have made well over 100 of them!  Before the fabric store came to be, I made Tshirt Quilts as a business – I am no longer accepting orders for them, but I do not mind answering questions about how to make them!

A favorite style with 99% of those I speak with love the puzzle look of the T-shirt Quilts.  They are appealing to the eye and allow for the focus to be on the image itself, rather than a lot of extra white space.  I have done the repetitive square Tshirt Quilts and those look great as well, especially when the images are the same size or approximately the same size.  The puzzle works better when there are small images and large images.  It allows for that fluctuation and really make a colorful quilt.

The American Theme Quilt above has colorblock borders.  It works mostly for feminine quilts with LOTS of color, however, masculine quilts with just 1-3 colors look fabulous with the color block!  I use the left overs from the shirts to create the blocks.


The good thing about these quilts – it is easy to incorporate jerseys, towels, flags, dance uniforms – you name it!



As you can see, they really turn out beautiful.


Would any of you be interested in a tutorial for making one?  It would be a 2-month long tutorial with LOTS of pictures.  Leave a message if you are interested!

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